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File a Complaint

How to File a Complaint with the Wyoming Public Service Commission (WPSC)

To file a complaint with the WPSC, the public can either:

After receiving a complaint, the WPSC will require a response to the complaint from the utility. When the response from the utility is received, the WPSC will contact the complainant with the information in the utility response. The WPSC will continue to work with the complainant until the issue is resolved, or understood. This is the informal complaint process.

If the complainant does not agree with the utility response, the complainant may request a formal hearing before the WPSC by writing a letter to the WPSC requesting a formal hearing, detailing the disagreement with the utility and providing copies of any material/evidence relevant to the disagreement. These items should be provided to the WPSC by emailing the docketing section at wpsc_docket_filing@wyo.gov or by sending it to Wyoming Public Service Commission, Docketing Section, 2515 Warren Ave., Suite 300, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

Please remember the WPSC does not regulate, and cannot process complaints regarding:

  • Cable TV;

  • Municipalities providing utility service (water, electricity, gas) inside city limits;

  • Telemarketing Practices;

  • Telecommunication Directory Services;

  • Pay Phone Services;

  • Internet Service;

  • Wireless Phone Service; and

  • Wholesale market price of natural gas and electricity supplies.

The WPSC has quality of service jurisdiction, but does not set or approve rates for resellers of telecommunication service.

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