Choice Gas Program Information

The Choice Gas Program operates in some of the areas Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC serves.

Wyoming Public Service Commission Notice

From 2017 to 2021, most customers who selected a non-regulated Choice Gas Program Supplier paid more for their natural gas commodity than they would have paid under the Gas Cost Adjustment regulated rate option.

There are potential risks and rewards associated with any gas pricing option a customer selects. Past performance of Choice Gas Program selections does not guarantee the performance of future selections.

The tables and graph below present recent program year results.

For more information, call the Commission at (307) 777-7427.

In Docket No. 30026-46-GA-21, Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC d/b/a Black Hills Energy provided the most recent Choice Gas Program results available.  The tables below present those results. The graph below the tables presents the results for the 2017 through 2021 program years.

The blue line in the graph below shows the actual annual commodity charges Choice Gas customers paid to their Choice Gas Suppliers for the natural gas commodity. The orange line shows  what customers would have paid for the same quantity of gas at the Regulated (GCA) Rate. Results for the 2021-2022 program year are preliminary.