Wyoming Public Service Commission

Annual Report E-Filing Process


Step 1 - Log in with existing user account or create a new user account

Note: If you are a representing agent you must obtain the Company PIN Number from the company to file the annual report.

  • Whether an existing or new customer, you must obtain a pin number from the WPSC in order to log into the DMS system to file electronically.

  • Please fill out the form with at least the required data items. These items are indicated by an asterisk.

  • If you have a User ID, password, and know your PIN number, proceed to Steps 2 & 3 below.

Step 2 - Provide excel and pdf versions of report and Oath and Verification page

Once you have your User ID, password, and PIN, you need to complete the following:

* Annual Report - to include the following:

1. The report file saved in *.pdf format

2. The same document saved in a *.xls or *.xlsx Excel spreadsheet format

3. A signed and notarized Oath and Verification page in *.pdf format

4. If supplemental documents need to be filed they need to be uploaded in the same formats.

NOTE: The image quality of scanned PDF files typically is inferior to the image quality of PDF files that are converted directly from Excel. Because public users only have access to the PDF files of the annual report, reports that are scanned rather than converted directly from the Excel file may be rejected at Staff's discretion. This does not apply to the Oath & Verification page. Instructions for converting an Excel file to a PDF file in Office 2016 can be found in the Annual Report Filing instructions. Please contact Staff for further assistance.

Step 3 - Wait for e-mail confirmation

After receipt and acceptance of your report and oath and verification, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt.

*For questions or help with technical issues, e-mail randy.phetteplace@wyo.gov or call 307.777.7427

You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the pdf files

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