Wyoming Public Service Commission

Electric Industry

The Commission regulates four investor owned electric utilities that operate in Wyoming. In addition, the Commission also has regulatory authority over eighteen retail rural electric cooperatives that provide electric service within the state and three municpally owned utilities that serve customers outside of city limits.

The PSC has the following primary duties regarding the regulation of electric utilities:

  • Hearing rate cases and approving rates and tariffs for the companies
  • Reviewing, analyzing and hearing electric utility applications to pass-on wholesale cost increases in the cost of electricity
  • Reviewing integrated resource plans for large electric utilities
  • Granting certificates of public convenience and necessity for large facilities, including power plants and some transmission lines
  • Establishing accounting and depreciation procedures for utilities
  • Approving mergers, acquisitions and transactions between companies
  • Approving the issuance of securities and creation of liens by the utility Mediating consumer complaints regarding electric service issues

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